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A New Road to Hope Amid Depression: Ketamine

January 2023

There is a new beacon of hope for patients with treatment-resistant depression. Studies have shown that patients who feel that they are all out of options for treatment find relief and a bright light at the end of ketamine treatments. Ketamine is an anesthetic medication that has gained attention for its rapid and potentially effective role in treating depression, especially in cases where other traditional antidepressant treatments have failed.  Ketamine is thought to induce synaptic plasticity, which refers to the ability of synapses to strengthen or weaken over time. This process may lead to the formation of new neural connections and the restructuring of existing ones, potentially reversing some of the neuronal changes associated with depression. If you or a loved one are struggling with depression and have tried other medications with no improvement, call to schedule a consultation to discuss your chance at better days.

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Behind the Desk of a Great Therapist

December 2023

Jonny Berry is a devoted family man who enjoys laughing and relating to others. He has been in the behavioral health field for over 35 years and his mission is to continuously hone his skills to be able to impact those in need. His passion was awakened in 1985 when he started working in a theater group where he was paid to do skits about high school issues. From these occurrences, Jonny learned at an early age that he had a desire to help others. Jonny's favorite thing about this field is getting to make a difference. "I love when I am talking to them and explaining things and they have that 'aha' know like an epiphany" -Jonny Berry

It is important to focus on your mental health and vital to have a therapist that ensures quality care. Jonny aspires to minimize the negative thoughts surrounding mental illnesses. "The biggest stigma about therapy is society labeling people with mental illnesses dysfunctional.... I want to help change that." -JB

 A common mistake people make when it comes to therapy is a combination of discontinuing therapy too soon and not challenging themselves enough.  Jonny prides himself in providing a safe space for growing to help with both of these. 

Erin's Transition from Chemistry to Research

November 2023

It’s amusing how life alters our path in careers. After graduating from Mississippi College with a bachelor’s in chemistry medical science, I was on my journey to changing the field of medicine through working as a chemist. Being a chemist before entering into clinical research, helped to mold me into a strategic coordinator. Similar to the protocols administered to ensure safety in the chemistry field, there were protocols I had to become familiar with to ensure safety during different research studies. Honestly, the preparation to be in this field was much more tedious than I expected. Every detail matters in research and passion is required in order to guarantee rapid and accurate results. Luckily for me, the passion for people was already there. From a young child, I knew that I was interested in impacting the medical field in some way. I have always been intrigued with learning how things work and improving where there is room to. Essentially, that is what MSB Neuroscience is all about. I have been privileged with a career within a company that thrives in making things run smoother and more efficiently. Transitioning to research was exciting mainly due to the interaction with participants. Caring for them by being present to explain and answer any questions is a vital part of clinical research. Throughout my training, I put myself in their shoes to imagine how I could make this easier for them. Having an understanding of participants' needs and availability, has been a focus area of mine to attempt to minimize screen failing. Overall, I find the transition a steady climb as we continue to add on participants and doctors interested in joining in on our clinical trials.