Our Team

Andrew Bishop, MD - CEO/Principal Investigator 

Dr. Bishop completed his undergraduate education at Millsaps college and medical school and residency at the University of Mississippi Medical School.  Over the last 30 years, Dr. Bishop has developed a large private, measurement-based psychopharmacology practice. Dr. Bishop now wishes to leverage that database to build the relationships above to further enhance the well-being of our patients.  Dr. Bishop is licensed in 38 states, which gives him the opportunity to investigate decentralized trials.

Jedd Audry, MD - Sub-Investigator

Bio coming soon... licensed in 3 states

Haley Dougay - Site Director/Project Director 

Haley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of clinical research as our esteemed Site and Project Director. With a passion for fostering inclusivity and transparency in the clinical research process, Haley has cultivated a robust network of clinical research experts.

With a keen eye for detail and a dedication to excellence, Haley specializes in managing and collecting data for both centralized and decentralized trials. Her proficiency extends to navigating complex contract and budget approval processes, orchestrating seamless IRB submissions, and overseeing high-density EEG recordings.

Beyond her technical skills, Haley is deeply committed to promoting participant empowerment and easing industry apprehensions. Through intensive training in psychometrics relevant to psychopharmacology research and a focus on clinical rating scales, Haley aims to demystify the clinical research journey for all stakeholders.

Driven by a desire to remove barriers and instill confidence, Haley's ultimate goal is to revolutionize the clinical research landscape by alleviating fears and uncertainties, one project at a time.

Kacey Audry - Research Assistant 

Kacey is passionate about contributing to the forefront of medical progress as a dedicated Clinical Research Coordinator with a strong background in conducting clinical trials. As an integral research team member, she focuses on shaping medical advances in preventative care, curing diseases, and advancing immunizations. She is also driven by a commitment to improving patient outcomes and is dedicated to advancing medical knowledge through rigorous and ethical clinical research. Her goal is to play a pivotal role in translating research findings into practical applications, ultimately contributing to advancements in healthcare and patient well-being. 

Cindy Bishop, RN - Research Nurse 

Mrs. Bishop is an RN with extensive medical and psychiatric experience.  Mrs. Bishop has worked at all levels of clinical practice from ICUs to Psychiatric inpatient facilities to the outpatient psychiatric clinic. She currently administers our ketamine clinic in conjunction with Dr. Bishop and administers investigational treatment. 

Sam Jameson, PhD - Data Analytics Expert 

Dr. Jameson received his Ph.D. in Tropical Medicine and Public Health from Tulane University where he is an assistant professor in the Tropical Medicine school. He has worked on numerous clinical studies as well as his bench work as a vector biologist.  Dr. Jameson contracts with us for all things requiring the input of a data analytics expert as well as assisting with research design.  In addition to his bench work at Tulane’s School of Tropical Medicine, he also teaches graduate-level statistics courses at the University of Mississippi Medical School’s School of Population Health.